Departmental Computer Labs

The department provides state of art computing facilities to the students through well equipped labs. The labs have clusters based on RedHat linux 5.0 Enterprise Server, Microsoft Windows 2012 Server Enterprise Edition, SME Server, RedHat linux 5.0 Enterprise, SME Server configured with software such as C, C++, Visual C++, Visual Studio .NET, Visual Studio 6.0, JDK 1.4.0, Visual FoxPro, Rational software, Tomcat , Oracle 8i and Oracle 9i developer.Labs are also equipped for data warehousing and data mining activities. The department has over 130 HP Intel I5 computers with 3.0 GHz, which are fully networked and have the latest software. The computer center is fully air conditioned with adequate UPS backup, has internet facilities through 100mbps leased line with BSNL .

The following Laboratories are available in the department:
  1. CSBS LAB-I (C1 Cyber Block)
  2. CSBS LAB-II (C2 Cyber Block)
  3. CSBS LAB-III (BCVS Lab Cyber Block)
  4. CSBS LAB-IV (NC1 Digital Block)
  5. CSBS LAB-V (NC2 Digital Block)